Ep 1: About your hosts -- A-Social Conversation

Topic: Who the heck are we and where did we come from?

Carole and Bob cackle about how they met, who they are and how they were bitten by the social media bug
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“I’m Bob Minhas and I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15 years but I’ve been really addicted, avid, like every morning getting up using social media in one way or other at least since 2008… I remember when Facebook first came out, I was a business owner then and I had a friend who told me about it.  He said ‘There’s this thing out”  and I kinda laughed it off.  But then I got on and was addicted…”

Carole says “For a long time I didn’t have a social account, I didn’t have a smart phone and I didn’t even carry my phone…It would drive my kids crazy because they couldn’t get a hold of me.  And then, all of a sudden, I can’t remember now when the last time I left my phone anywhere”