Ep 1: When is a referral not a good idea? -- Freelance Foundations

Topic: Referrals, new beginnings and charting a course

By taking a targeted, thoughtful approach to making referrals, we can be confident that the people we match will find value in interacting.
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Referrals are a primary source of business for many freelancers, so why isn’t there more information out there about how to make a good match between our business contacts and other independents?

When we dedicate time to validating and ensuring client and freelancer are a good fit, we can make more appropriate and effective recommendations with confidence than employing a shotgun approach that can yield varying results.

In-depth conversations are the most important part of determining how and when to make successful referrals and we’ll tell you exactly what you should consider before you write that intro email. We also talk a bit about un-branding and get some sage advice on deadline planning and clients’ “rush jobs”.

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