Ep 10: The mistakes we make -- Freelance Foundations

Topic: Messing up and how to recover

A frank discussion on how to approach the mistakes we make in our practices, and how to make sure a mistake doesn't get your practice off-track.
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Key Quotes

From Allison:
1:56 “What I’m learning is that looking at your mistakes doesn’t have to be this negative thing you do once a year New Year’s Eve. The idea here is to constantly, even weekly, give yourself a really good review saying, what went well this week and what did not? And based on the feedback I’ve received and my own hopefully balanced perspective of things, how would I change that in the future or how can I grow from that?" 
- Allison  

From Trevor:
6:34 “That inaction that comes from fear, I think that’s one of the biggest things that keeps freelancers back…they’re building a practice in their heads, they’re thinking through what it is that they’re going to do, but they never get beyond that point. This stuff only exists in their heads...Intuitively we know that it can’t succeed while it’s in there but I think the thing we don’t realize that’s actually more seductive is that it can’t fail when it’s in there…You never have to put yourself in a situation where it’s put to the test and you either succeed or fail.” 

7:40 People are so afraid of failing that they’re willing to put their success on hold indefinitely just so that they don’t have the potential of failing…but failing is an important part of business because it helps you figure out what the right approach is. The trick is to do it in a way that allows you to adapt quickly, respond to that change, to that learning that that thing didn’t work and try a different way so you don’t spend countless hours on trying to do something that’s never going to work.”  

8:36 “If all you ever do w/ your practice is build it in your head, it never becomes real. It’s never manifest in the physical world…but it all comes down to action. It’s fine to have a plan and have a general sense of direction, but you gotta do stuff.” 

24:14 “Those who do better find out where they’re deficient and they improve that, and they do that as a matter of habit." 

30:04 “The fear of selling and reaching out and talking to people is the primary example of what I mean when people’s practice is living in their heads.  Its probably the thing that holds most freelancers back and it’s what causes them to go back into traditional employment." 


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