Ep 11: Freelancers unite: How we can benefit from the massive economic shift -- Freelance Foundations

Topic: The changing nature of work, and what it means for us.

The nature of work may be changing, but that doesn't mean we should have to get used to precarious work, erratic types of employment and short-term, low paying jobs. To create a positive economic future, we need to look at employment and business with a more flexible mindset. If we teach our workforce that freelancing is a viable option that can help them build a foundation for a stable, sustainable income and high quality of life, we can diversify our sources of income and economy one independent worker at a time.
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Key Quotes

From Allison:
9:08 “ Our entire economy is transforming and I think independents are at the forefront of that, and freelancing is becoming more and more of a positive, viable, real legit option for so many freelancers and businesses.” 

From Trevor:
4:32: “My experience freelancing has taught me that work can be better than what we’ve taught it can be. The challenge is you have to take personal responsibility for how you manage your work, which means you’re probably not working for a single company and you are probably not in something that looks like a traditional employment relationship. 

5:47 I think we need a new name other than traditional employment because prior to factory work…having that mix of different employment or business opportunities was part of most people’s livelihood. What we’re seeing more generally is a return to that type of work. Maybe what we’re doing is traditional employment and what happened for…the last 100 years is an anomaly that isn’t sustainable."

9:45 "If you explore freelancing as a different option that combines some of the flexibilities of running your own business with some of the familiar environments and work approaches of a traditional employment situation, freelancing sits in between the two and that’s one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t think about it in the way that they should or consider it an option worth pursuing. Maybe it’s one of those things where it’s too much like either to people who might be squarely in either of those camps.” 

27:43 “In a diversified freelance practice, there will be no time in the history of your practice that all of your clients will let you go at the same time, so you’ll never be in a situation where you lose all of your money again. As opposed to being employed, where all it takes is one person to decide that you are surplus and no longer needed and there is no obligation to you other than making sure that the proper paperwork is filed. Freelancers, when they’re running a healthy practice do not experience that problem…if you run your freelance practice properly, you will never have to worry about feeding your family." 


Get used to multiple careers, finance minister says - October 22, 2016 - Toronto Star

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Chris Bittle, St. Catharines Member of Parliament