Ep 12: Finding your unicorn -- Freelance Foundations

Topic: How to define and identify your ideal client

Everyone has an ideal client. In this episode, Allison and Trevor discuss how to find yours.
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4:59: I think setting it up as an ideal is something that you constantly try to achieve, always knowing it’s not quite going to end up at that ideal state, but you can try to push it closer each time.” - Trevor  

6:03 “Early on if we don’t have that ideal client out there as something to reach towards, then as you make these decisions about which clients to take on, or if you’re not making decisions about which clients to take on and just taking on anyone, you can end up working with people who are very different from you and who have very different expectations than what your practice is set up to deliver and that just causes all sorts of problems around managing those expectations…you’re not lining yourself up for success later on.” - Trevor 

8:23 “Don’t waste resources trying to chase a huge, large swath of people who you won’t provide value to or who aren’t your target market. If you can zone in on that small chunk who will be loyal or who will become more of a partner if that’s what you want, that’s so much more efficient and effective for your practice. So don’t be afraid to set the bar high.” - Allison