Ep 14: All you need is... -- Freelance Foundations

Topic: Items that should be on your 'Need' list when you start your practice

As independents, freelancers and remote workers, we often hear that the only things we need to start freelancing are a laptop, an Internet connection and a cup of great coffee. But that isn't entirely true. Although you don't want to wait until you purchase every piece of equipment, software and book out there before starting, you want to check a few key items off your 'Need' list before you book your first client. In this episode, Allison and Trevor talk about how to strike a balance between preparedness and chasing an ideal that can never be reached when it comes to identifying what we absolutely need on day one.
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12:50 “The community that surrounds a coworking space is its most valuable asset, and that’s where you’re deriving value. The space is usually incidental to the relationships you build within a cowering space, and I would say that it’s the relationships that you’re looking for, not necessarily the space itself…True coworking spaces are always more about the community residing within the space than they are about the space themselves.” - Trevor

“Get what you need. Differentiate between what you need and what you want. What do you need to make your business functional?" - Allison


22:33: “Pick one thing. Start with one service or networking group and basically get yourself immersed in that.” - Trevor


“Where most people fail with these networking groups is they go a few times and they didn’t really see any results, so they basically pull back and that’s a mistake because what they’re forgetting or that they don’t have enough experience so far in is those groups are all about setting up, maintaining, building, nurturing relationships. That doesn’t happen within just a couple of months….

“It takes a long time to build up those relationships and listen to the people around you and basically figure out what they need and try to help them, so you build essentially good karma within that community. People don’t give up that stuff right away. You need to build trust. And the way you build trust is by investing in those relationships.” - Trevor

Here is a list of items to consider budgeting for when you start working for yourself: 

Cell phone
A place to work (this can be your home office, or other space conducive to productivity)
Coworking community and/or space membership (fixed or hot desk)
Invoicing, time tracking and software specific to your industry
Training and knowledge development
Budget for conferences, networking events 
Memberships to networking groups and online communities 

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