Ep 6: How to get the most out of attending conferences -- Freelance Foundations

Topic: Pre-conference prep, meeting your tribe and winning Karma Points at conferences

Do you attend conferences specific to your industry? Today we talk about some reasons to attend conferences - to learn from colleagues in your field, connect with like-minded people, meet potential collaborators or clients, and more. We also get into pre-conference prep, how to win Karma Points and what to do while you're there to get the most out of your time. (If Allison sounds weird in this one, it's because she dodged a bullet re: seating arrangements in the studio and got a bit flustered before we went live.)
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6:27 “Those spontaneous conversations you have at lunch time and in the hallway are really key to your experience…it’s a really great feeling to connect with people and say, 'Hey, you’re talking to me.'” – Allison 

14:06 “If you actually want to have a meaningful conversation with the person who has just delivered that talk, you need to give them that time to decompress, so that their adrenaline comes down…” – Trevor

18:01: Having those conversations are so important. Making those reconnections are so important. As a freelancer, it’s those ongoing relationships that ultimately start to provide the recurring work over time. You have to invest in them in a genuine way. You’re not going to build those relationships if all you do is sit in the sessions.” – Trevor



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