Ep 7: Dealing with difficult clients -- Freelance Foundations

Topic: How to identify problem areas with clients and find solutions

This week’s topic was suggested by listener Rose Merry. She has some clients with what feel like, to her, high expectations and wants to know how she should set boundaries and communicate effectively so they can compromise and enjoy a productive freelancer-client relationship. Issues that go unchecked can make us feel anxious, agitated and miserable. And we can't do our best work when we feel like this. In this episode, we talk about communications tips, practices and boundaries to put in place to address issues with clients.
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4:32 “Oftentimes many of these issues can be you have one understanding of what regular contact means and they have a completely different understanding of what regular contact means. And without that mutual understanding, that’s when frustrations build up and you run into situations where the client starts to get miffed because things aren’t going how they thought they would or you start to get miffed because that could just be something on the other side….that frustration can be on both sides of the equation.” – Trevor

21:20 “Twenty per cent is a decent rule of thumb for project management for any project. If you take a project and take 20 percent of the total effort, that’s probably what it costs to actually manage the client communication part of the project. If you're not factoring that into your estimates, you should be. If you’re not factoring that into your daily and weekly schedule, you should be. And it has a cost and when done right it makes the difference between projects where everybody is happy and projects where everybody is stressed." – Trevor

32:20: “Business is personal and personal is business. I think it should be because it keeps you grounded. It keeps you thinking, ‘Okay, my clients are human, too.' And it keeps you empathetic and connected.” – Allison 


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