Ep 9: Getting Unstuck -- Freelance Foundations

Topic: What getting stuck looks like, and how we can climb out of the quicksand and get back to being productive.

Sometimes, we run into problems in our practice or with our work we aren't sure how to solve. In this episode, we talk about some common issues and offer a few practical, honest tips. We also highlight one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves to gain clarity and plan a path to success: "What's most important?"
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18:14 Regardless of what the problem is, I think you can trace it back to a disconnect between what you think is important and what you’re actually doing. If you’re stuck it means you’re not seeing the results you want or expect, and if you don’t see the results or impact that you expect it’s probably because you’re not focusing on the right opportunities or the right types of work. So if you get stuck int his way you probably need to take a step back and say, “What’s most important to making this move forward?”

19:25  "...you need another pair of eyes on the problem. So grab somebody you trust…and get another pair of eyes on it. You need somebody who’s going to be honest and up front with you and the good news is we have an abundance of those people here at Cowork Niagara, and they’ll tell it to you straight. And then from there it is really just a matter of figuring out what steps move you forward and committing to doing them, and that’s the biggest part…it’s the follow through where people succeed or fail, because this is hard work. It’s uncomfortable and it makes people uneasy when they get into that space. They’d much rather work on the blog then sell to people."


Getting Unstuck - Trevor Twining

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