Ep 4: Freelance Foundations -- Local Media Matters

Topic: Trevor Twining and Allison Smith riffing on Freelance Fundamentals

I rekindled my love of storytelling by starting up Freelance Foundations with my friend and cowork colleague Allison Smith. Together we explore issues around the indy workforce. Nobody doubted Allison's prowess with written words, but it's been amazing to see how she's adapted to being behind the mic.
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2:41: “Imposter Syndrome: that feeling when you’re doing something and you look around and you say to yourself, ‘Everybody is going to realize that I don’t belong here, when everyone is really saying, “Hey, this isn’t actually too bad and you guys are doing great, and thank you for doing all these things," but in our heads, we think worst possible outcome and that everybody believes we are a fraud and that we will soon discover that I don’t actually know what I’m doing.” - Trevor

4:50 “It kind of follows you around. From the first year you start freelancing, it’s really easy for your inner critic to win that battle and say, ‘You don’t have any experience yet, and the people who are giving you the privilege to work with them are just being nice.’ 

You get a couple years in and people start recognizing that you’re doing things…then you start thinking why are they doing this? I don’t understand. You start having that battle with yourself and to reach your potential, you have to push beyond that and declare your expertise, or at least your specialty and say yes, I’m going to stand firm in my belief in myself and my belief in my potential and my belief in my clients. It can feel like different things at different times depending on if you’re looking to develop your business or if you’re looking to do something big like give a speech. The voices are different.” - Allison 

6:20: “When you’re putting yourself out to people, or in communities of people doing the same thing, that’s when this really can manifest…" - Trevor

12:29 “Your friends care about you and the community cares about you, but they don’t care about the little voices that tell you you can’t because they have them too. Everybody’s doing their own little thing, and everybody’s just worried about scarfing down their lunch and getting through their day. They’re not thinking about, ‘Well what should I tell Allison today to bring her down a peg?…They’re going to give you feedback, but they’re not waiting in hiding to say, ‘You’re unqualified…" - Allison 

13:23 “They just want you to show up, and I think that’s the message that I keep having to tell myself  is to keep showing up…” - Allison 

13:36 “We need to be comfortable with ourselves that when we reach a certain level of competency,  we need to understand that we are good enough and we’re just continually putting ourselves out there doing new and uncomfortable things…a lot of knowledge work is like that where there’s no pre-existing pattern…so you basically figure out as you go. It doesn’t make you a fraud because there’s no existing territory to cover, it makes you and explorer. That process of putting yourself out there and acknowledging that you have no idea how this is going to go and that’s okay, that’s a big part of it as well.” - Trevor 

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