Ep 23: Kate Miller -- The Niagarans with Greg Miller

Topic: LGBTQ2SA Youth Housing, Learning from Toronto

Greg talks with Kate Miller, Director of YMCA's Sprott House in Toronto. Sprott is Canada's first transitional housing for LGBTQ2SA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Questioning, Two-Spirited and Ally) youth. Sprott opened its doors in 2016 and currently has space for 25 youths. Miller, originally from St. Catharines and the older sister of the podcast's host, explains why Sprott is necessary, what its first year has been like, what Niagara is doing well for homeless youth and what all communities could learn from Sprott House. ----------------------- In this episode: ----------------------- 1:15 - Becoming Director of Sprott House 2:50 - What Makes Sprott Different? 4:15 - Why is Sprott necessary for LGBTQ2AS youth? 6:20 - Harm reduction and other Sprott policies 8:50 - Daily life at Sprott House 10:45 - Need for more long-term housing and the future for LGBTQ2AS youth 16:35 - Advice for Niagara and what Niagara is doing well now (RAFT and Quest Community Health) 23:00 - Kate's most rewarding outcome so far 24:12 - The Burning Question: when is she moving back to St. Catharines?
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"Unveiling a safe haven for LGBTQ youth" - Toronto Star, January 13, 2016: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/01/13/unveiling-a-safe-haven-for-l...

"Queer Youth Explain Why LGBTQ Transitional Housing is a Basic Need" - Torontoist, July 29, 2016: http://torontoist.com/2016/07/queer-youth-explain-why-lgbtq-transitional...

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