Ep 26: Laura Ip -- The Niagarans with Greg Miller

Topic: Underdogs Boxing. Practical Feminism.

Laura Ip, founder and Head Coach at Underdogs Boxing Club, joins Greg to talk about founding the club, why boxing, and the philosophy that makes Underdogs different. Laura is also a blogger and podcaster, co-hosting the Practice Feminist podcast and writing her blog of the same name. Greg and Laura talk about Laura's feminism, what she's learned from doing the podcast, and more. Finally Laura, a former City Councillor, answers a question about her future political plans.
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The Practical Feminist Podcast: http://niagarapodcasters.org/podcasts/practicalfeminist

The Practical Feminist blog: https://thepracticalfeministblog.com/

Underdogs Boxing Club: https://www.underdogsboxing.org/

Shape Your Life and Underdogs featured in CBC article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/shape-your-life-boxing-st-cathari...