Ep 21: Getting Our Indian Act Together -- One Dish, One Mic

Topic: A Mature Discussion on the 'Stop Being Savages Act' of Canada

Race based law at it's finest. Where the hell did this idea come from and why is it so entrenched in Canada's laws? Sean and Karl clarify things for anti-racists, piss off racists, and annoy assimilationists in a way only they can. Want to know about the Royal Proclamation? The Gradual Civilization Act? The Indian Act? The White Paper? Lock it in here and check out this episode to get your learn on one more time. Warning: If you love Lynn Beyak then don't listen to this episode.
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Some pretty good info on the "Indian Act" that we used for reference: http://thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/indian-act/