Ep 23: Injustice for Colten -- One Dish, One Mic

Topic: Canada has a different standard of justice for some than others

Sean and Karl record an emergency episode to share their raw emotions on the failure to provide justice for Colten Boushie. It is of paramount importance that we Niagarans get out of our comfort zones and start to learn about the harmful effects of the legacy of racism in Western society, the harm of over simplified anti-Indigenous stereotypes, how white privilege perpetuates these legacies, and what role systemic racism plays in keeping many Indigenous people marginalized. The harm to the family of Colten Boushie is real and if we don’t do anything and everything to check racism than we as a collective will continue to be complicit even if it’s not one of us pulling the trigger.
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We have never asked for financial support for any of our work here, but today we ask you to try to find something to contribute to #Justice4Colten: https://www.gofundme.com/justice4colten