Ep 22: Frozen with fear. Anxiety and panic attacks can take the joy out of life. -- Our Minds Matter

Topic: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks often control your life. They determine what you do, how you work, people you see and what you do for fun. Jennifer Fisk, President of the Board of the Canada Mental Health Association, Niagara became a mental health advocate because of her severe anxiety. She uses these examples of how anxiety affects her work. Sometimes she'll take 5 pencils to a meeting and line them up in a row on the table in case they break. She leaves hours early for appointments, panicking that she might be late. Many people can relate. This type of behaviours are what they struggle with to some degree every day.
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Information on services is available at the Canadian Mental Health Association, Niagara www.cmhaniagara.ca.

To learn about anxiety and other mental illnesses go to: http://cmhaniagara.ca/mental-health-conditions/

If you, a family member, or friend is in need, call 1-866-550-5205.
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